TOP chicken ever


°4 pieces of boneless and skinless chicken

°1 packet ranch sauce

°¾ cups panko breadcrumbs

°¾ cups Parmesan cheese

°½ cups differential smart melting scale

°Or your choice of butter product

°1 greased baking dish (or

°Boneless and skinless chicken breasts.

Preheat oven to 350.

Clean and rinse the chicken. Cut each piece in half, the long way.

Using paper towel to dry chicken.

Melt the smart scale (or butter) in a medium microwave bowl.

Dipping every piece of chicken in melt butter. Covering both sides.

Then press each side of the chicken into the breadcrumb mixture.

Put it in a pan greased with butter. Do this for each piece. I covered my baking dish with aluminum foil, which I sprayed with pam to prevent the chicken from sticking. And for easy cleaning!

I had a lot of mixture left over, so I sprinkled the rest over the top of the chicken. I also melted down a smarter balance and sprayed it on each piece.

Now put your feet up (or clean up the mess you made) and let the chicken cook for 45 minutes. Warning: the kitchen is starting to smell good!!!

The final dish! I was so excited to taste the best chicken ever that you can see where I cut a piece in the bottom left corner!! 

Enjoy !