How To Kill Sinus Infection with Minutes With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar: is a powerful antioxidant thanks to its concentration in acetic acid and catechin, but also in minerals and vitamins. It helps to boost the immune system by fighting pathogens and facilitating their elimination by the body. Its anti-inflammatory properties help fight against infections and germs.

Cayenne pepper: According to a study, cayenne pepper has significant health-promoting potential, as it participates in the activation of metabolic receptors as well as tissues and neurons, thanks in particular to its active ingredient, the capsaicin.  It is also considered a powerful analgesic against inflammation and nasal congestion. Its consumption makes it possible to thin the appearance of the mucus until it is completely liquefied, which promotes the healing process of flu-like states. It is best used raw, unfiltered and of organic origin.

Lemon: of all citrus fruits, lemon is undoubtedly the most beneficial to the body and has great qualities for maintaining good health. Its content of pectin, flavonoids and vitamin C makes it a major antioxidant for fighting pathogens and toxins by strengthening the activity of the epithelial barrier. The nutrients it contains have been proven to strengthen immune defenses and support cellular functions, thus proving protective against oxidative stress.